Fluid Strength Yoga Practice

Fluid Strength, The Book!

For current students and those curious about the Practice, now it’s down on paper! This is a thorough companion to your home practice.

The book opens with an explanation of the Practice and its philosophical underpinnings, going into detail about the dynamics of the Movements and how they create health, strength and well-being. Spinal Flip has its own chapter as does resting aspects of Fluid Strength: Transitional Awareness, Stopping and Open Awareness. Wisdom principles, a favorite part of class, also features prominently. Midline and Qualities discussion rounds out the section.

The second part of the book provides images and clear instructions for each of 17 Movements, and describes how to structure a Fluid Strength practice. Neurological Cleansers and a Movement Index are included.

Available at the Laurel Yoga Studio and on Amazon. See also the Fluid Strength Page on this site.

Written by Faye Berton with Jean Fraser & Karin Preus; Movements modeled by Mary Ann Bradley.

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