The emphasis at the Laurel Yoga Studio is on self-inquiry and self-awareness.

In addition to cultivating physical health, strength and flexibility, classes promote an experiential understanding of yoga philosophy. This approach was established by Faye Berton when she created the Laurel Yoga Studio in 1990. Rooted in traditional yoga philosophy as taught by Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Nijananda Bharati, Faye’s teaching evolved through her studies with some of the world’s great teachers of yoga and somatic disciplines.

About Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “to unite” or “to yoke.” The ancient spiritual science of yoga, developed in India, offers practices for enhancing your life and health on all levels, at any stage of life. Yoga postures (asana in Sanskrit) bring strength and flexibility to the body, steadiness to the nerves and emotions, and stillness to the mind. The discipline of yoga practice and study can lead to a clear and compassionate understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Classes at the Laurel Yoga Studio give you guidance for:

  • experiencing strength and ease through body alignment
  • cultivating whole-body, whole-self strength and mobility
  • discovering how habits limit you and how you can change them
  • deepening the connection to your inner self
  • cultivating breath as a tool for self-awareness
  • learning to listen to the wisdom in your body
  • transforming your life by working with the core principles of yoga philosophy