What is Fluid Strength

Fluid Strength™ is a holistic yoga practice developed by LYS founder Faye Berton. It cultivates whole-body strength and coordination. It integrates the body/breath/mind, increases energy and refines self-awareness. Through consciously engaging prana, Fluid Strength awakens spontaneous meditation and frequently stimulates a seemingly miraculous release of pain.

Rhythmic movement patterns rather than traditional asana are used to cultivate the body. These movements are based on neuromotor principles of functional strength. The potency of the movements is magnified by being infused with vigorous breathing and Ayurvedic healing principles.

Traditional and Modern

Fluid Strength uses a traditional yoga practice model of resting (savasana) after each movement. This traditional model is echoed in the modern exercise notion of interval training. The resting phase in Fluid Strength is used to cultivate deep systemic quiet and a meditative mind.

Accessible and Challenging

The Fluid Strength Practice is simultaneously accessible and challenging to all levels of students. Beginning students benefit from the simplicity of the movement patterns. People with a highly trained body discover refined levels of body intelligence and fresh movement potential.

Is Fluid Strength for You?

Fluid Strength is a bottom-up process that recognizes the profound intelligence contained within the body. Fluid Strength seeks to engage this intelligence in service of achieving its goals of a vital body and a peaceful mind. In this practice we relate to the body as a wise friend and companion who offers us much in our quest for creating physical health, a nourishing relationship to life and accessing natural joy.

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Faye Berton
Faye Berton

After 23 years of teaching traditional asana, Faye developed the Fluid Strength Yoga Practice.

Jean Fraser
Jean Fraser

Jean is a Fluid Strength teacher at LYS. She contributed on many levels to Faye’s book.


Click here to see videos that are visual supports for doing the Movements in Faye’s new book, Fluid Strength Yoga Practice, Vitalizing the Body and Resting the Mind.


“When I watch Faye doing Spinal Flip there is something essential about it – like reinvigorating the life force. I love the rhythmic emphasis of the work. It feels natural to me as a human being and as a dancer.”
Becky Heist, Dance Department Founder, Macalester College

“I knew immediately when I began studying with Faye that I had found a master teacher. Fluid Strength has provided me space to grow and flourish on all levels. I am constantly transformed by the practice – and have learned to approach whatever comes up with a sense of play and lightness.”
Krista Langberg, Performing Artist, McKnight Fellow 2017

“I came to Fluid Strength looking for a low-stress, low-impact way to exercise without hurting myself. The practice is both easy on my touchy system and pleasurable to do. I have gained strength and mobility. My posture has been transformed and I feel more resilient.”
Claudia Poser, Artist & Author of Dreaming in German

“Studying with Faye is an adventure. Her classes are an opportunity to get out of our heads, and experience the wisdom of the body. Faye is one of the great teachers of our time and her students are fortunate to share her journey.”
Liz Liddiard, Cooperative Human Resources Manager

Fluid Strength Yoga Practice
Our New Book!

Fluid Strength Yoga Practice ~ Vitalizing the Body & Resting the Mind

For current students and those curious about the Practice, now it’s down on paper! Read more...